Technological innovation towards an independent life

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Programa Cámara y Acción de Clúster SIVI (Push Hub SIVI)


Plaisens: Intelligent Sensorized Platform

Researching for sensorization and AI technologies in order to detect and evaluate postural alterations and motor disability.

HUB INNOVation ZAMORA: launching a social innovation center for technological business development in Zamora

From the SIVI Cluster, we propose cooperation in promoting a HUB or ecosystem (physical and virtual) in Zamora that brings together companies, institutions and entities from various sectors under the same proposal, as a unique action in the health and care sector,as a paradigm and in its territory. An environment allowing people, professionals and companies to come together, obtaining synergies to improve competitiveness and business technological development that becomes a hub for experimentation, attraction and retention of business and regional talent in Zamora in the care sector.

Cyberdemo, Pilot of on-site cybersecurity demonstrators in the healthcare sector

Collaborative project for the development of a series of on-site demonstrators of cybersecurity solutions, services or processes in entities in the healthcare-care services sector, so that they can perceive first-hand and in a real environment the benefits of use of the most suitable cybersecurity measures adapted to your particular case.

Te Cuido Labs: Research for integrating technological solutions for remote care and assistance from multi-service centers to vulnerable people. Proof of concept in representative pilots

TE CUIDO LABS: Research for the integration of technological solutions for remote care and assistance from multi-service centers to people in vulnerable situations. Proof of concept in representative pilots

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